Kabs Kanu writes

The petition against Dr,. Samura Kamara is a well planned conspiracy by APC rebels secretly financed by SLPP. It had been coming. We knew that would be the next step after the dangerously obese Judge Adrian  Fisher deferred the bogus court case. It had been coming. We are not deaf or stupid. We have been following the insinuations for long, since Dr. Samura Kamara was nominated by the opposition  APC.

Well, if they do not want elections and democracy what do they want ? Then , let patriotic soldiers take over the country because we want accountable people to govern us.

Maybe, military rule is what they are pushing us into gradually. If no good governance, just corruption, beatings, killings and maiming  of people, tribalism , hardships and human rights abuses and people cannot be allowed to stage  democratic elections, what options are being  left for them ?

That is how we provoke things that we do not want. We are tempting the soldiers to seize power in Sierra Leone. I hate military coups but at times, civilians themselves invite them. Look at what President Bio is allowing to happen under his watch. If it is not bogus court cases, it is subterranean and high- tech conspiracies , even substandard, wretched voters registration cards, to make it difficult for the opposition to compete freely and fairly. If it not that, it is tear- gassing, lynching and beating of supporters of the opposition who dance for their candidates.  They do not really want a credible election to take place. The international community has warned  until its  voice has become hoarse.  Our people would not listen. They want to disqualify Dr. Samura Kamara from the race because he is wanted by the people. They want President Bio to go unopposed as they have been suggesting for ages.

Why are we so allergic to good governance and democracy now after three peaceful changes —2 of them bringing the opposition to power — through the ballot box ? Why don’t we want the people to decide who they want to govern them ? Why can’t we let the elections play themselves out and let who should win go on and win fairly ?

We are not a serious people anymore under this satanic SLPP government . I am sorry for international stakeholders, goodwill organizations and countries wasting millions of dollars on us, thinking we are a serious nation that wants to move forward like other progressive nations of the world.

My contention is that certain people do not want civilized governance, democracy. the rule of law, accountable and transparent statehood,  peace, civility and unity to prevail in our country. On one hand, we have diabolical opposition APC rebels that are very restive and their demonic anger and disloyalty to their own party  just cannot be assuaged. On the other hand, we  have an ungodly government behind the scenes, craftily orchestrating these plots and using APC rebels as fronts.

 President Bio will yet regret using these traitors and loose cannons of the APC to undermine democracy and peaceful coexistence in our country. What do these people  really want in Sierra Leone ? Are they  really serious about seeing progress  in our country ? We all  preach peace but is it in our hearts ?


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