Orange Money & BnB begin overseas money transaction


By Mustapha E. Dumbuya

Orange Money Sierra Leone together with BnB has on Wednesday 8th February, 2023 officially commissioned the use of overseas money transaction using the BnB mobile App at BnB headquarters Whiteman View Murray Town in Freetown.

During the ceremony, Momadou Billy Kolade the Country Director for BnB said that BnB is a digital financial transaction institution that is fully complying with all the regulations of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone.

According to him, the institution has been operating is several African Countries like Guinea, Senegal, Liberia, Canada, Sierra Leone and many more adding that one of their goals they aimed to achieve is to digitalize the whole Africa.

The Director also added that bringing financial transaction at the doorstep of their costumers is also key and they will ensure to provide service to the last man.

He explained that over the years sending and receiving money from overseas is very difficult but today his institution has vowed to put that behind them.

Abibatu Batter head of Strategy Marketing and Partnership at the office of Orange Money, who spoke on behalf of the CEO told journalists that Orange Money and BnB had helped greatly in ensuring financial inclusion.

Madam Abibatu also said that this partnership had started way back in the year 2000 when they had Launched Orange Money Overseas, but that today the Partnership has been actualized.

She explained that with the support of the two institutions people can now have access of sending and receiving money at their different homes.

Ibrahim Conteh head of Sandbox and the Central Bank of Sierra Leone said that both of the institutions had been complying with the regulations of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone.

He explained that the two digital financial institutions has been guided by Sandbox in the Centeral Bank of Sierra Leone and Commended them for their good services that they had been providing for the people of Sierra Leone over the years.

Mr Conteh continued that their activities are in line with the futures of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone to enhancing financial inclusion and providing digital space.

Davie Ojo Managing Director Managing Director Liberia said to journalists that BnB is always in compliance with regulations and is happy that Orange Money and BnB are making history in Sierra Leone.

The Director said that both of the institutions had added financial inclusion and one of their vision is to digitalize the whole Africa on Financial transactions.

Supuwood Y. Tarpeh the Deputy Director regulation and supervision Department at the Central Bank of Liberia said that together Africa will grow and appreciate the efforts been made  by BnB.

According to him, BnB in Liberia has been fully complying with the Centeral Bank of Liberia regulations and they had been protecting their customers.

He thanked the two institutions for bringing digital financial transactions close to the people in Africa.      


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