Men’s up Organization Champions the Fight of Rape in SL


By Mustapha Dumbuya

The Chief Executive Officer Osman Daboh, said men’s up Organization comprises of (4) organizations that combine together as a coalition to help inform and sensitize the people to end rape in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Daboh also said as an organization they have tried very hard to work with different intuitions in and outside Sierra Leone adding that it is the responsible of every citizen in the country to work hard and provide solution to end rape the country.

He commends the effort of the Sierra Leone for providing them security throughout the process of demonstration that started from the western part of Freetown to the central party of Free Town.

“We have over 250 activists that come together to advocate for our families, mothers, sisters, and children that have already been a victim to rape in our country.” He said.

CEO explained that it is a need for the government of Sierra Leone and especially the judiciary system to pay more attention on dealing with such sensitive cases adding that the judiciary of sierra Leone has a major role to play by providing fear justices for rape victims.

He lamented the over the years the cases of rape in the country has been increasing and that is why the president declared a national emergency on rape and sexual violence in Sierra Leone.

Sup. Abu Bakarr Kallon, said it is the duty of the Sierra Leone police to secure and provide secure life and property and also to providing security for the people for the people is in their core mandate.

“I got orders from the Inspector General, Director of operation that they have granted a clearance for a coalition of 4 activist groups that will demonstrate today and the police need to provide security for them.” He explained.

Mr. Kallon also said that it is very difficult at this time of when the country is under public health emergency but the try very hard to perform their duty in professional manner by providing security for them.

He ended that the Sierra Leone police is not bad but it is only when people followed the due process that emerged within confines of the law   


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