No Buses: FBC Students Trek to Campus


Fourah Bay College campus

The issue of transportation to and from FBC has been a perennial problem faced by students over the years, and it does not seem to end as this new academic year is not an exemption. As used to be, in the morning hours of every week day, you will see a long queue at Model junction (New Road) of students fighting to catch a bus to FBC campus. This sometimes leads to students being late for classes and ending up missing a good portion of what would have been taught by the lecturer, and the same routine will continue after these students would have had their respective classes.

This has been the normal struggle students of FBC face in and out of the campus, and the administration of the college keeps on ignoring it while students are left struggling to find their way to the campus and to their homes.

Despite several calls from the FBC Students’ Union Government and the students body at large for the administration to purchase more buses in order to ease the transportation constrains, the administration keeps on paying deaf ears to that plea, and now students of FBC have resorted to trekking from Model junction to FBC campus.


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