The Liberian Ambassador accredited to Sierra Leone Madam Jatu Musu Ruhle was early this year 2019 duped by a Ghanaian National Emmanuel Kwame Kondo the sum of $7,500 for the purchase of a 4 runner jeep.

The accused Emmanuel Kwame Kondo who made his second appearance in court before Magistrate Hannah Bonnie of Pademba Road Court No1 was arraigned on two counts charge of conspiracy to defraud contrary to law and Obtaining Money by false pretence contrary to section 32(1) of the larceny Act 1916.

According to the indictment, the prosecutions lead by Inspector Donald A. Taylor alleged that, the accused person on Friday 15 February 2019, at No2 Spur Road Freetown conspired together and with other person unknown with intent to defraud by means of presenting a 4 runner jeep to Ambassador Jatu Musu Ruhle and falsely presenting that it was for sale to whomever would pay for it.

It further alleged that the accused on the same date in Freetown with intent to defraud obtain from Ambassador Jatu Musu Ruhle  the sum of Seven Thousand Five Hundred United State Dollars ($7,500) by falsely pretending that you have a 4 runner jeep for sale  knowing it to be false.

Protocol Officer of the Embassy Momo Brima whiles testifying in court recognized the accused and further recalled Friday 15 February 2019, adding that whiles he was at his office on that day, the Ambassador called upon him requesting him to accompany the accused to the Eco-Bank Ltd Aberdeen together with a letter in order to collect some money.

He said base on the request, he together with the accused left the office for the bank and that the reason for him accompanying the accused was to facilitate the process for the purchase of a 4 runner jeep from the accused.

The witness said after the accused person has collected the money, they went back to the office at spur road, noting that upon their arrival, the accused told the Ambassador that the said vehicle has some documentation problems which he will go and solve and return the next day.

He continues that, since that day the accused left the office he has been on the run until he was arrested by the police and that they have not received the money neither the vehicle He added that he was later called upon at CID Head Quarters to make statements in respect of the matter.

Lawyer I.Y.S Kamara was representing the accused Emmanuel Kwame Kondo but could not cross examined the witness on the grounds that, he was just representing his colleague in chambers and that circumstance requested for an adjournment.

Magistrate Hannah Bonnie however granted his application and remand the accused in prison and the matter was adjourned to the 3rd September this year for the defence counsel to cross examined the witness.

Police Inspector D.A Taylor was prosecuting the matter on behalf of the Inspector General of Police.


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