Guma Valley Water Company Improves Water Facilities


Water supply in Sierra Leone faces many challenges, characterized by limited access to safe drinking water. Despite ongoing efforts made by the government and numerous non-governmental organizations, water shortage is still a challenging factor.

In 2004 the Local Government Act and new decentralization policy, the responsibility for water supply in areas outside the capital was passed from the central government to local councils. However, in Freetown, the capital and largest city with 1 million inhabitants, the Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) remains in charge of water supply and plays a key role in the water sector.

Like many cities in Africa, Freetown faces both a growing population and growing demand for water from domestic use, industry, and agriculture. Responding to these challenges and the expectations of its customers, Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) has recently embarked on developmental projects across the city to improve the water facility in the Freetown municipality. The current leadership of Maada S. Kpenge , Director General of Guma Valley  is working tirelessly to complement President Bio’s developmental agenda.

The Communication Manager of Guma Valley Water Company, Alie Kabba, in an exclusive interview said the company is working assiduously to mitigate the shortage of water within the Freetown Municipality. He said because of the increase of the population in Freetown and its environs they decided to extend several reservoirs such as Congo dam, Orugu dam, River loaf, Fourah Bay College, and many more to ease the water shortage in Freetown.

Mr. Kabba revealed that the company has secured over 574 water tanks across Freetown city and its environs and the tanks are been managed by Tank Managers who are paying Le150, 000 to Guma for the water supply and said they have also established solar power bow holes within the city with a self refilling project in which the operators are paying Le 450,000 to Guma every month for the services. He further revealed that the company has repaired 84 Guma tanks which project is funded by World Vision.

He concluded that the company is presently securing all Guma lands across the city by building a perimeter fence on the lands to prevent encroacher


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