Karpowership threatens to shut down!


A press release issued on Thursday, 30th June, by the management of Karadeniz Powership (Karpowership) states that they will shut down their operations in Sierra Leone owing to the huge debts owed to them by the Government of Sierra Leone.

“With the hopes of receiving our overdue payment we are writing you as part of our goodwill and our relationship based on trust that we cannot continue our operations further than 5th of July, 2022 unless we receive the outstanding invoices,” the press release further stated.

The release further explained that if the money is not paid by that date the Karpowership will not be able to generate and supply electricity due to the inability to supply crucial components and parts for the power ship including lube oil and spare parts- which are mandatory to have safe and reliable operations.

The statement stressed that the company hopes to receive their outstanding payment prior to that date to enable them continue with their operations. The statement concluded that the as soon as their outstanding money is paid they will resume operations immediately.


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