Grap, Woke, Study, Salone Go Go Befoe!


By Oswald Hanciles

The greatest success of a political opposition in a poverty-stricken country like Sierra Leone is to influence children in educational institutions not to study hard, and to thinking cheating in public exams is the norm; to influence youth not to even bother to find work to do but to spend endless hours talking about politics and international football, and waiting for their political party to take power at State House.

The best success for a governing party in country with a crimped economy like Sierra Leone is not merely to point out at roads and bridges and school buildings it builds, but to inspire children and youth in educational institutions to become obsessed with study; to inspire the majority of youth and elders of working age to become workaholics; to go out of their way to create work, to be self-employed.

The only way a governing party like the SLPP can succeed itself is to vigorously support action in dramatically curbing Grand Corruption, and to influence its majority in Parliament to make the toughest laws against Grand Corruption – like public whipping, and 25 years imprisonment, for those convicted of Grand Corruption.

It is political-suicidal-
HALLUCINATION for a governing party like the SLPP to think it would succeed itself when it turns a blind eye to Grand Corruption, and rationalize flagrant Unexplained Wealth by 1% of its elite.


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