For victory in 2023: Abdul Osaio calls APC’s unity


Abdul Osaio Kamara believes unity within the party is the only remedy to ensure victory

Leading contender for the position of Publicity Secretary of the All People’s Congress in the diaspora, Abdul Osaio Kamara, has called on comrades of the party to unite and ensure victory come 2023.

“We need to put behind our individual differences and focus on the bigger picture-to bring the party back go power. One way or the other, some of us must have been hurt but that should not derail the progress of the party,” he urged.

Osaio, as one of the strong, young and dynamic members of the APC, had declared his intention to run for the party’s diaspora publicity secretary. As a young man, Osaio has been working diligently for the party since he was a student at Fourah Bay College in Freetown.

He dilated on the current economic hard hit that bedevils the country and that the hopes of the masses are for the APC to come to power and save the country from doom.
“Currently, the people are suffering with prices of basic commodities skyrocketing on a daily basis.

The Bio administration has failed the nation and the APC is the only hope the people have, so we need to come together as a party to remove the SLPP from power and save our people,” he urged.

Abdul Osaio called on the APC diaspora to come together and support the party’s agenda for victory come 2023.


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