Vote Wara Serry Kamal for Bar Association Presidency


By Roseline Bangura

Lawyer Serry Kamal, one of the outstanding legal practitioners in the country & CEO of Serry Kamal & co Chambers has declared to run for the Presidency in today’s Sierra Leone Bar Association’s Annual General Meeting with the campaign slogan ‘your bar your voice.’

Lawyer Wara Serry Kamal has been in the profession for over 20 years now; 13 years as a legal practitioner in Sierra Leone and 7 years in the USA noting that he stood before you with a heart brimming as he declared her candidacy for the position of the president for the Bar Association.

She deliberated on the many constraints the bar association has been faced with so far.

“The Bar has been one of a vibrant institution. The bar is primarily dealing with issues affecting the legal profession and furthering the best interest of lawyers,” she noted.

She said over the years, she had witnessed with great concern as she deliberated the significance of the Bar association as political interference which has weakened and undermined the purpose .

“As your President, I will be unwavering in my dedication to the welfare training and development which will uphold the bar,” Lawyer Wara Serry Kamal asserted.

Wara’s vision is to strengthen the bar and unify the relationship – a vision that can be articulated clearly and not to blow her trumphet.

Addressing the welfare concern, Wara mentioned the five pillars that would transform the Bar into a well spring of abundance and would ensure it serves right thereby making sure the needs of every member is maximized.

Lawyer Wara Serry Kamal promised to put up permanent Bar secretariat as well as ensure the empowerment of all Lawyers especially the young practitioners.

She concluded to stand with hope and unyielding commitment as she runs for the Bar Association Presidency in today’s Annual General Meetimg with a view to effect the much needed change and change the narrative of the Bar Association.


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