By Alhaji Turay     

Real Madrid in Spain who have the highest fans across the globe have team up with a fan club in Sierra Leone West Africa, called real Madrid Fan Club in Freetown, to promote activities across Sierra Leone and the world to create awareness in the sporting world.

Real Madrid in Freetown is a non-profit making organization, operating in club management, providing voluntary services in the communities, responsible to organize social and economic activities towards national development in Sierra Leone

The organization is registered with the government of Sierra Leone since 2020 to execute its operations in the country.

Speaking with the President of the real Madrid in Freetown fan club Mr. Abdul Turay, highlighted, that the Fan club to real Madrid in Freetown is an official fan club to Real FC in Spain, responsible to unite all Real Madrid supporters in Sierra Leone and across the world, creates friendship among members, and encourages their participations to help promote the good image of Real Madrid Football Club and its values.

The project gets support through its international donor partners (Real Madrid FC in Spain) to undertake community development projects such as Education, Health, Constructions, Sports and organize annual events in the country.

The project will encourage supporters of Real Madrid to become official members and will have the opportunity to attend International events organize by Real Madrid FC. In Spain.

 Real Madrid Foundation is the instrument by which Real Madrid is present in society and develops its social and cultural awareness programs.

 Real Madrid Foundation Clinics offer the unique and exciting opportunity to experience specialized football training, bringing their expert UEFA coaches selected by the Academy of the world’s most successful football team to help you improve your football skills.

Real Madrid Foundation will provide training programs to train national teams and coaches on Football and other sporting events by providing training equipment’s for participants (coaches, players,) to active it objectives’

 Real Madrid Foundation will also provide coaches from the Academy of the world to training children under 12-14-15 and 17 and for the sustainability of the project, community coaches who provide volunteering services by training children on Football will also benefit from the training program

Children are also encouraged to participants in International events to share skills on Football with other children when the needs arise

 The project will set up Fan Club Committees in Freetown Urban and Rural in the Western Area which would be responsible to promote the good image of Real Madrid FC, in their localities and report to management

The project will also collaborate with Medial houses to creates more awareness to promotes the good image of for Real Madrid club and its values

The Official Fan Club will be responsible to coordinates the activities of the project through collaboration with other partners in development and report to Real Madrid FC management in Spain for approvals.

He concluded in his end statement that he organized a match between the FC Bafana Bafana and FC upcoming stars which ended with one goal against Bafana Bafana, the game ended successfully with no conflict between the two team.

The president is calling fans of the real Madrid and Non-Non all over the world always be with real Madrid club in Spain.


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