Orange SL Launches Customer Service Week


By Feima Sesay

Following the a commendable display of appreciation towards their valued customers and dedicated employees,  Orange SL the leading mobile operators in the country has on Monday 2nd October 2023 launched their Customer Service Week with the theme ” One Team One Goal”.

The events was held at their company’s HQ office Hill Station Freetown.

The week long events, is aim to acknowledge and honour the relentless dedication and exceptional service of the heroes working behind the service desk, call center, trade theme and orange money.

The Chief Executive Officer Orange SL Sekou Amadou Bah in his statement express gratitude and admiration for the hard work and dedication of Orange employees in delivering exceptional customer service.

He also extended heartfelt appreciation to all Orange customers for entrusting the company with their service needs.

 He emphasized the significant of customer’s service week, adding that it is a demonstration of the company’s deep appreciation to both the customers and the employee.

He acknowledged that customer service representative play a pivotal role in keeping customers satisfied.

CEO does not lose sight of the fact that their success is drivers from their customers, community and the country.

In conclusion urged customers to make the events a memorable one.

Alpha Bundu Customer Service Director OSL in his statement said the Customers Service Week qis a significant events for the company in recognizing the effort of their customers.

He said the events also is a way to highlight the great work the staff do for customers and time to think about customers as well.

He added that customers played a great role to the success stories of the company as he said it goes beyond the front line interaction with customers.

” It shows that customers service goes beyond a department, he said it is the responsibility of every employee to give both internal and external customers a good expirence, this is why I believe that customer’s expirence is a curiosity and has become a part of our company’s culture”, he said.

Adding that every employee has an impact on the customer service and expirence an organization provide to its customers.

CS director further that, as a company, they want to be better in customer’s service and something different by interacting directly with the customers.

He said all what they want to give their customers is a solution of hope even though he said they are not perfect but said they are ready to face their fears with the goals to serve their customers by ensuring that they fix things when they go wrong.

”It is so amazing to served people in humanity which is through customers service, but what is more important is the impression we make during interaction make its a unique opportunity for our customers lives ”, he discloses.

 Artificial intelligence he said is revolutionizing customers service and transforming the way organization manage customers service, and said as a customer expirence leader, it is crucial to understand the potential of A I and how to leverage it effectively to elevate and not deduct from the customer journey.

Bundu added that AI is not only good for business but for the society as a whole that will improved on service delivery.

He assured the audience of the company’s continuous support to their customers.

Haffie Hafner Chief Commercial Officer Orange SL appluaded the team for goingboitnpf their way to help customers, she further encourage them to continue the good work, noting that the customers are the reason why Orange SL exist.

She also beg the customers to continue to see Orange SL as their most reliable and trusted company, adding that they will will serve the customers with delight and uttmost respect.

CCO said is one thing to acquire the customer and keep them.

Ahmed Tejan from DSTI in his presentation as to how Artificial intelligence (AI) contribute to the digital sector, said it not only lucrative but has the potential to bring positive impact to Sierra Leone, adding that DSTI is addressing critical issued in healthcare, disaster management, education and others for the development and wellbeing of the country.

Dr. Sankoh from the Ministry of Information and Innovation presented in the use of AI on National development. Other meaningful contributions were made from staff of the Trade,   Call center and Orange Money unit of orange SL.


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