Gov’t Schools Need Clinics


Decades ago, when the wellbeing of pupils attending Government and Government Assisted Schools was a priority of the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), all were empowered with clinics that delivered First Aid treatment to pupils that become sick during school hours or become victims of accident while attending classes. The Health Newspaper can attest that the health of pupils currently attending Government Schools is being endangered because the institutions lack clinics and medically inclined staff that should dispense treatments when the need arises. This appalling situation has led to the death of certain unfortunate pupils. Initially when pupils in such schools fell sick or were involved in accident whilst in school, timely medical services would be administered to them before the afflicted pupil was later taken to the nearest Government Hospital for free medical treatment. Other than just delivering treatments, personnel of these School Clinics were assigned to teach pupils on the prevention and control of diseases and accidents. This action is badly needed as the country is experiencing COVID-19. While school authorities are being encouraged to observe all health protocols, there is the need to have medically oriented teachers and a clinic that could help detect and advise on the status of any pupils who might fall sick. This will help to keep other children and even the teachers secure and prevent the spread of the disease. The above-mentioned lapse, The Health Newspaper believes, is the main reason why affluent parents would go the extra mile to get their kids to attend private schools where School Clinics are a must. The Health Newspaper therefore calls on President Bio’s Government, whose flagship project is FREE QUALITY EDUCATION, to ensure that School Clinics are re-established in Government Schools, when the program starts in the new school year in September.


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