Flawed Reports on Makeni Killings -Says Lawyer Dumbuya


Human rights Lawyer ; and head of rights based none governmental organization, Legal Link Sierra Leone, Rashid Dumbuya, has said any findings; or reports of the Makeni Killings that lack  particularly key human rights elements could be described as flawed.

   A position statement from his Legal Link  said that any investigative reports on the Makeni incident undertaken by’’ either the state, independent body or civil society organizations which fails to reference the prior inciteful statements of Abu Abu ,Resident Minister, North or the absence of a specific and coherent strategy by the Ministry of Energy on the generator transfer as contributing factors to the July 18th extrajudicial killings is not only incomplete, shortsighted and flawed but lacked a basic appreciation of the underlying rhetoric’s and nuances that underpin the July 18th onslaught in Makeni city.’’ The statement noted.

Rashid Dumbuya said his organization seeks to advocate on such issues that deal with the lives of poor people in particular; and that could not wait to expose such flaws as exhibited in most of the reports and findings that have been put out by CSOs and some state institutions.

‘’We want the truth to come out but more so we want an approach that will seek justice for the victims. Individuals or institutions have to take responsibility for such heinous crimes committed against the people of Sierra Leone. ‘’ Lawyer Dumbuya told Public Review.

According to him, his organization will continue to pursue the issue to ensure what he described as fair play is done on all side of the parties to the conflict.

‘’ A kind of remorseful approach should been seen but justice takes key in all of these to ensure that such incident does not repeat itself.  ‘’

Lawyer Dumbuya noted.

Legal Link Sierra Leone is a nonprofit legal advocacy group that provides legal assistance to people in Sierra Leone.


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