Not Pure: Acidic Grafton Water


By Mohamed Jalloh

There are two universally standardized measures for the testing of pure water; these are Acidic and Alkaline tests. For any consumable water, it is expected to be of pure taste and odour free.

When the water test is applied, there are certain requirements to be fulfilled. If the water depicts a colour of sky blue, it said to have passed the Alkaline test of pure water and is fit for human consumption.

 On the other hand, if the water colour displays a red depiction, the water is said to be acidic and impure for human consumption.

Over the years, the proliferation of water companies is visible across the capital city Freetown with bogus names creating the impression of producing pure water. In actual fact, most of these companies are producing contaminated water that kills people slowly.

 The production of adulterated water has the unlimited propensity to igniting a water borne pandemic such as Cholera and Diarrhea.

Even though, there is a water regulation commission, the lackluster mode of law implementation has only aided the proliferation of tainted water companies for drinking purposes.

At present, the water producing company that has attracted attention for the wrong reasons is the Grafton Water Company.

The parliamentary oversight committee on water resources has ordered the closure of the company for failing to renew their licenses for the production of water.

According to procedures, the company must obtain the certificate of justness, analysis and the Sierra Leone standards in relation to requirements set by the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau for pure water.

The test conducted shows that the Grafton Company does not meet the specifications and the overwhelming presence of acidity could make the water un-edible for people to drink.

 Honourable Lahai Marah, the chairman on the committee on water resources has stated that the Grafton water Company is producing acidic water, which is not fit for human consumption.

The parliamentarian went further to substantiate his claims

“The company on January 2020 supplied polluted water to parliament, as a result parliament ended up replacing Grafton Water with the product of Luvian water Company”. Hon Marah disclosed.

However, Andrew Senesie, Quality Assurance Manager has confirmed that it is natural phenomenon for water to contain some acidic elements because the human system needs acid for survival.

“We are in the process of using reagents to ensure the minimum availability of acid in the Grafton water. But these substances are not available in the country so we have to outsource them from oversees” Mr. Senesie noted.

Mr Senesie furthered that the company has done the PH test for specification requirement and the samples would be delivered to Standards Bureau for further testing.

“What people should remember is that our products are sometimes pirated so people misconstrue these fake products for Grafton products”. The quality manager stated.

Given the fact that the Sierra Leonean market is overwhelmed by Grafton products, people are now caught in a state of dilemma. Many can hardly decipher the difference between pure and impure water, thereby endangering the lives of the members of the public.


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