Bollore Spent Over Le.2B on Staff Welfare


Bollore transport and logistics has spent over two billion Leones on staff welfare in 2021.

Mrs. Abigail Macauley the uman Resource Manager mad this statement at the Bollore annual media update at the Freetown terminal.

Mrs. Macauley said the company had a total staff of 322 including permanent and contract staff in the year 2022 and 5 staff had made permanent between 2021 to 2022

“Bollore had been working immensely to support staff welfare even though they were well paid but we also create staff loan and a currently over 200 staff  were benefiting from the interest free loan paid within 18 month” she said .

 She continued that the company had always paying much attention on their staff welfare and other entitlement they deserved.

Patrick E. Sannoh the Safety Manager said his role is to ensure that the safety and security of staff in the Freetown Terminal is standard. He added that, there is a great improvement on the safety and security of staff in 2021 to date.

The manager went further to say that in order to achieve such; they have gone through processes by developing safety and security processes, despite the fact that before now there were many challenges on safety and security issues.

He continued that they decided to orientate staff on safety and security issues on a weekly basis adding that, their training focuses more on national and international safety awareness and alert control.

Mr Sannoh confirmed that since last year to date, the company recorded 13 incidents and zero fatalities with minor injury and only one staff infected during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic in Sierra Leone.

He explained that they have control of the epidemic because the company usually sends their medical team to seek knowledge on handling such disease.

He continued to say that during the COVID-19 pandemic they partnered with different non-governmental and international organizations like the CDC and the World Bank amongst others to fight the pandemic.

Samura Kamara Still on Bail

Justice Adrian J. Fisher has granted the Trial by Judge Alone Application made by State Counsel, Robin Mason Snr. in the corruption trial of Dr. Samura Kamara and five others after same wasn’t objected by the defence Counsel.

During the proceeding, Lawyer Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara representing Dr. Samura Kamara said there was no document before the Court suggesting that the 6th accused, Jules Sanders Davis, who is out of the jurisdiction and not a Sierra Leonean should be tried in absentia as provided for by law.

Justice Fisher ordered the defence to subsequently serve the said Notice of Notion on the Court and parties in the matter. Ruling on the Motion reserved for the 16th February, 2022 which could be delivered via email.

The matter has been is adjourned.


Teachers Abandon Chiefdom School


Coordinator of the Free Quality Education Abdul Karim Vangahun has discovered that Pin Code teachers have abandoned the only government Junior Secondary School in Nomo Faama Chiefdom, Kenema District, which is in a very dilapidated condition.

According to reliable sources, this is a huge lacuna in the Free Quality Education, coupled with malicious sabotage as the school is a government approved school and the Pin Code teachers are collecting salaries monthly without going to the school.

Explaining the dilapidating condition of the school, the Coordinator of the Free Quality Education Abdul Karim Vangahun said he travelled all the way from Kenema to Nomo Faama Chiefdom which is about 38 miles just to monitor the free quality Education in a chiefdom which has been long abandoned by policy makers.  He disclosed that there is no semblance of schooling activities in the entire Chiefdom as the school structure itself is dilapidated, coupled with unavailability of furniture in the classrooms.

The Coordinator Vangahun also described the school to be very filthy which prompted him the even question the subsidy that government sends to the school.

“Look at the ceiling it has to semblance of school and no pupil has ever come to this school with the pretext of benefiting from the Free Quality Education.  Look at the classrooms no furniture”, he said.

After thorough inspection of the school, Coordinator Vangahun assured that he will take the matter with the paramount chief and other stakeholders in the chiefdom in other to ascertain the root cause of the abandoned nature of the only secondary school in the chiefdom. He added that the last time he investigated similar matter, the authorities in the chiefdom told him that the pupils have gone for secret society (Bondo) initiation which he considered as a very fallacious excuse.

Coordinator Vangahun also intimated that government has been trying it level best in providing Free Quality Education but people still sabotage the system. He concluded by drawing the attention of the National Coordinator of the Free Quality Education Amara Sowa and the Minister  of Basic and Senior Secondary Education Dr. David Sengeh,  to find a remedial action to the appalling situation and lacuna of the Free Quality Education in the entire Nomo Faama Chiefdom.


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