As Former Mayor Herbert Williams and other Alleged Murder Trial Commence, Police Officer Testifies


By Feima Sesay

 Detective Police Constable 9268 Joseph Jay Collings attached to the Major Incident Unit CID HQ has on Wednesday 26 August 2020 Testifies before Justice Augustine K. Musa in the alleged murder of Ibrahim Samura involving Herbert George Williams and Abu Bakarr Daramy.

Prior to his testimony after the 12 jurors were empanelled, the state prosecutor Umu Summary while addressing the jurors said the reason why they are in court is for the Prosecution to prove the guilt of the accused persons beyond a reasonable doubt.

She said the offence must be committed in Sierra Leone and that the victim after the alleged incident must have died within a year.

Madam Sumaray, while she was given a summary of what happen said on the 31 March 2018, the deceased together with two of his colleagues, were accredited by SLAJ to Observed the 2018 General Elections and while they were at Lumley the deceased saw the first and second accused beating up one man and that while he was taking photos of the scene, he was descended on by the accused persons and others.

She said according to the evidence, the deceased was beaten with a dog chain by both accused persons, together with former Minister of Trade Ibrahim Washinga Mansaray, Sanusi Bruruski and Dankay Koroma daughter of former president Ernest Bai Koroma and that later he went to the Lumley Police Station and reported the matter and he was issued a medical form.

She continues that on the 6 June 2018 the deceased died.  Lawyer Sumaray said that was why they are in court to ascertain whether it was the accused persons that murdered the deceased.

Justice Musa having listened to her address said the case is going to be treated like any other matter Prosecuted in this country as he said it will not be associated to police, noting that the judiciary has their integrity to uphold.

In the circumstance urged the Prosecution to bring their witnesses on every adjourned date to ensure speedy trial. He also admonishes the defense counsels to be very cooperative.

The witness is further testimony recognize both accused persons and further recalled sometimes in October 2019 when a case and enquiry file in respect of an alleged murder was officially transferred to his unit together with the accused persons for further investigation.

He said himself and Detective Inspector John G.K Williams were assigned to the case and enquiry file.

He said the case and enquiry file contains certain documents, which includes the medical certificate of course of death, endorse police medical report, a letter of apology from the APC party and some other relevant documents to the case.

The witness said in the statement column of the said file was the statements of the deceased Ibrahim Samura and witnesses and voluntary caution statements of both accused persons.

DPC Collins added further that, on 22 October 2019, he charges both accused separately with the offences of conspiracy to murder and murder. He said first accused Herbert George Williams refused to append his signature on the grounds that his lawyer must be present and that as a result of his refusal, he prepared a certificate in respect of his refusal together with DPC 9007 Kanu A.B sign by himself.


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