SLRA, NAO and EU Certified CSE for Three Bridges


The Sierra Leone Roads Authority, in collaboration with the National Authorising Office and the European Union Delegation in Sierra Leone, has awarded a Certificate of Provisional Acceptance to CSE, the contractor on the Bandajuma-Liberia Border Road Project. The certificate was awarded for the Sewa River Bridge in Condama, the Wanje River Bridge in Bandajuma, the Moa River Bridge in Moala and the 23km stretch from Bandajuma to Potoru in Pujehun District.

The award of the certificate marks the commencement of the twelve (12) months Defect Liability Period. During this period the contractor will address all the grey areas that were identified during the inspection. The contractor is also required to undertake all maintenance activities on the road and the bridges as specified in the contract until the final handing over of the road after this period. With the provisional acceptance of these facilities all the three bridges will now be opened to vehicular traffic.

The Bandajuma-Liberia Border Road Project is funded through a grant from the European Union amounting to One Hundred and Five (105) Million Euros. It is the biggest single donor funded project that is second to none in this country. In addition to this the Government of Sierra Leone provides counterpart funding in the form of payment of compensation to project affected persons.

The project is divided into two lots. Lot 1 which comprises the Three Bridges is substantially completed. In Lot 2, which comprises the rehabilitation of about 100km stretch from Bandajuma to Gendema on the Liberia Border with Sierra Leone is about 60% complete.

The Director General, Sierra Leone Roads Authority, Ing Amara Jambai Kanneh underscored the importance of this road and commended the European Union for funding this project. He described the road as an international highway linking West African capital cities from Dakar to Abuja. He pointed out that the project is an accomplishment of the promise made by President Julius Maada Bio to ensure the completion of all unfinished roads project in the country.

Indeed the government of the New Direction ushered in laudable ventures in road construction in this country. The intervention of the government has led to the construction of two bridges, the Sengbeh Pieh Bridge and the Atlantic-Juba Bridge in Freetown. On the Bo-Bandajuma-Liberia Border Road, three new bridges have been completed and opened to traffic. Works are currently in progress on the the Magbele Bridge, Mabang Bridge, Gbangbama Bridge and the Moyamba.


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