Prince Harding is Not Suspended


It has come to the notice of the Media and Communications Unit of the SLPP National Chairman that certain ill-motivated people are propagating the news of Dr. Prince Alex Hardings suspension as SLPP National Chairman by His Excellency the President, Dr. Julius Maada Bio, leader of the party.

This units response is that the said news is fake, unfounded and has no locus standing within the SLPP constitution.

The SLPP National Chairman is in full control of the party and as of the moment, he is on his way to join President Bio on the Presidential visit to Karene District.

The SLPP leader and his able National Chairman had a fruitful meeting recently at State House on various issues regarding the strengthening of the party and other things. The products of that meeting were the two press releases issued by the SLPP National Secretary-General on the instructions of Dr. Harding as the National Chairman.

Both men would have travelled together to Kamakwe, but the National Chairman had to take leave of the National Leader to attend the OBBBA meeting as he is contesting for the OBBA Vice Presidency.

In a situation where the SLPP National Chairman is to be suspended, the SLPP constitution says he, Dr. Harding as the National Chairman must call and chair a National Executive Council (NEC) meeting to execute the suspension which will never be a possibility as a seasoned politician.

It is no secret that Dr. Prince Alex Harding is a towering figure with a huge following for which the greater majority of the party is not wishing for him to exit the National Chairman position by any means for now as perceived by the wishful thinkers.

As purported by the poster that Dr. Harding has been replaced by one Dr. Saidu Mansaray, the SLPP constitution states that in the absence of the SLPP National Chairman, it’s his deputy that takes over and not an appointee of the leader.

This unit wants to tell every SLPP member that Dr. Julius Maada Bio as the leader of the SLPP is a champion for the practice of democratic tenets both within his party and Sierra Leone as a country for which he has won so many international awards.

We want to tell the SLPP membership that both President Julius Maada Bio and Dr. Prince Alex Harding are closer now than ever before. We also want to caution all those who think that the only way they can achieve success in the SLPP is to create a wedge between the two gentlemen that it is failed as their coming together was never a decision that they initiated, but it is a divine. The only way they can achieve their success is to work in harmony with those in the party structures and not otherwise.

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