Palo Conteh’s Appeal Begins

Rtd. Major Alfred Paolo Conteh

By Feima Sesay

The long-awaited Appeal’s case of the Former Defense and Internal Affairs Minister Alfred Palo Conteh has on Tuesday 28thJuly 2020 commenced before a panel of Judges in a appeals Court in Freetown, presided over by Justice Ivan Ansumana Sesay.

According to Mr Conteh’s Defence Lawyers; the grounds of appeals range from their client’s conviction and sentencing; plus for him to be granted bail whilst the hearing of the appeals will be in progress.  The Defense had also said that ‘’there are several grounds of Appeal’’

The panel of Judges constitutes; Justice Ivan Ansumana Sesay as presiding Judge, Justice Tonnia Bernette; and Justice Bintu Ahladi.

In the Court room yesterday, the convict, Alfred Palo Conteh was absent and his lawyers gave no explanation to the court why their Client did not appear. However, his lead Lawyer, Dr. Abdulai O. Conteh told the court that he ’’  regretted’’ that his Client was  not present to hear the appeal made on his behalf.

 He said that they would have loved that the case commenced even in his absence but said it would be an injustice on his side (Palo).

Minutes later, the Judges, having listened to the Lawyer, consulted among themselves on the issue of security and a suitable date for the matter to commence properly.

The state Lawyers (Prosecutors) didn’t say anything to the court and so the Judges instructed for   ‘’a production order’ to be prepared by the Director of Correctional Services  so that  Palo Conteh be  made present in court on the next hearing.

The case comes up on Tuesday,4th August, 2020.

It could be recalled that Palo Conteh was convicted on Wednesday 1st July 2020 on two separate counts of unlawfully possession of fire arms and ammunition and being found in a public place with a loaded gun and was sentenced  to two years imprisonment by  a High Court in Freetown , Presided over by Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens .


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