Palo Conteh Resurfaces

Rtd. Major Alfred Paolo Conteh
Rtd. Major Alfred Paolo Conteh

By Feima Sesay /Foday Jalloh

  The panel of Judges constitutes; presiding Judge, Justice Ivan Ansumana Sesay, Justice Tonnia Bernette, and Justice Bintu Ahladi.

 The panel is expected to hear arguments from both sides of the case but particularly the key grounds of appeal from the defense Lawyers of Mr. Conteh have said they will present a case on his conviction, sentencing and his right to be granted bail while the appeal process proceeds.

 Officially, the proceedings began Last Tuesday, 28th July, 2020 when both defense and State lawyers were present          ; but the state prosecutors did not comment when the defense team asked a leave of the court for an adjourned date that paved the way for Mr. Conteh’s presence in Court today August 4th, 2020.

His case has got international followings both in Sierra Leone and abroad since Conteh was arrested earlier this year for an alleged treason and other charges brought against him by the state.

He has spent months in Jail at the Country’s Male Correctional Center in Freetown under the guards of armed military and police men.

He was convicted on Wednesday 1st July, 2020 by a decision of a team of Jurors and a Judge.   His discharged on the treason charges set the pace for a landmark ruling and it  came as a surprise to many in a country where treasons offenses had always been won by the State on trump up and political charges.


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