MMTU kicks-off annual inter hall track and sports


Ending the eight long years of inter-house sports famine, the Milton Margai Technical University has on Wednesday, 25 May 2022, kick-started its annual inter hall track and sports meet at the university field, Goderich Campus.

Weeks leading to the heat had been a high tension between the respective halls displaying a great sense of optimism to win this year’s competition as it marks the end of the long absence of sporting activities on campus.

A frigid breeze caressed through the arena with a touch of a drizzling rain which appeared like a motivator as the supporters in their different hall colors hailed their representatives.

It was a moment of wallowing for the hall masters, imploring their different representatives to do more.

The passion shown by the university administration and students at this year’s event was unparalleled, thus the university believes that sport is a part of the essential development that they intend to impart to the students.

The opening event was nothing but a manifestation of the rebirth of sporting activities, since the university held its last inter-house sports meet in 2014.

However, in the end; it heated down to the points for the various halls. Juba which is Blue clinched the 1st position with 70 points Lakka-Red 2nd, with 57 points Lumley-Green 3rd, with 55 points and Adonkia- Yellow 4th, with 48 points. The sporting event is being fully funded and organized by the University.

Milton Margai Technical University invites the general public to come and witness the grand finale on Saturday 28 May 2022.


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