Ecobank Fraud Syndicate: Le500M Bail For Staff, Client


By Feima Sesay

 Magistrate Sahr Keikura has granted bail in the sum of five hundred million Leones to Saidu Sow a business man and Idrissa Abdulai Kamara a Banker at Eco Bank.

They were arraigned before him for defrauding the sum of five hundred and eighty five million Leones at EcoBank.

Both accused persons are before the court for Preliminary Investigation on twelve count charges of Conspiracy to defraud contrary to law, and  forgery of forged document contrary to section 4 (1) of the forgery Act 1913 and four count ranging from uttering forged document contrary to section 6 (1) of the forgery Act 1913.

It was alleged on the charge sheet that on a date unknown between Friday 1st January 2021 and 31st December, 2021 at No.1 Flower corner street makeni, Ecobank Micro Finance office in the Bombali Sherborn Chiefdom in the Bombali Judicial District, Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone with intent to defraud, both accused conspired together with other persons unknown to defraud B.S.B International the sum of five hundred and eighty five million Leones (585,000,000).

On count two, it was alleged that from September, October and November 2021 at the said office with intent to defraud, they forged certain documents to wit Ecobank Funds transfer form dated September, October and November 2021 purporting that it was originated from Ecobank Sierra Leone Limited.

 On count twelve the first accused person on a date unknown between Friday 1st January and Friday 31st December 2021 at Rogbanneh Road Makeni in the Bombali Shebora Judicial District the Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone Fraudulently converted to his own use or benefit certain property that is to say the sum of five hundred and eighty five million(585,000,000) entrusted to him by Mariam Jalloh for the purpose of safe delivery into B.S.B international account(3640000600) maintain at Ecobank Sierra Leone limited.

The charges were read and explained to the accused persons who were denied making plea because the matter is Preliminary Investigation.

Counsel representing the accused persons H.Kamara applied for bail for and on behalf of the accused persons. He said his clients are Sierra Leoneans, resident within this jurisdiction and that they have reliable sureties who are willing and ready to enter into recognisance on their behalf.

Defence counsel further submitted that the accused persons are not Flight risk nor will they jump bail.

He made his application citing section 79 2 of the Criminal procedure Act No.32 of 1965.

The defence counsel further informed the bench that both parties are trying to do an alternative.

Having heard the application, magistrate Sahr Keikura granted bail to each accused persons in sum of five hundred million leones with surety in like sum.

He said the sureties must be gainfully employed from a reputable institution.  Magistrate Sahr Keikura also stated that the sureties should provide their employment letters including identity card or their respective institution.

He also ordered that the sureties must be permanently resident in Freetown. He concluded that the bail is to be verified by the Bench and approved by the Deputy Acting Registrar. He adjourned the matter was adjourned to the 2nd of June 2022.

Orange Money SL Spearheads International Transactions

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Orange Money Sierra Leone has impacted the lives of many not only nationally but internationally. And it has contributed immensely on the growth and development of the country.                    

Overseas Money is a service that enables active Orange Money customers to receive money from international destinations via Western Union, BnB, Small World, Omex Group, Yahwill and many more directly to their Orange Money wallet.

People who are eligible for this service are

Active Orange Money customers.

Oversea money service is available for 24hrs a day as long as customer is eligible to receive transaction.

According to them, Customer can receive as low as Le 50,000 and as high as Le 15,000,000 daily

In order for customers to receive Overseas Money, the receiving customer is not required to do any action on his/her Orange Money wallet. The sender of the Oversea Money will have to choose to send to the mobile wallet of the recipient at the point of sending the money.

According to the service, no special registration process is required to receive Oversea Money.

Recipient of Oversea money will not be charged for receiving money. Transfer charge will be settled by the sender. However, normal Orange Money charges apply for any further action on the Orange Money wallet.

It does not take long  to receive Oversea money

After sender initiates the transaction, it will take maximum 5 minutes for money to reach recipient’s Orange Money wallet

There is a verification process involved.  Sender should ensure that the name of the recipient he/she enters is the exact name of the recipient registered on Orange Money. Transaction will fail if the names don’t match

In order for customer to know that he/she has received Oversea Money, An SMS notification will be sent to the customer detailing the transaction details.

A customer can receive more than one Oversea Money a day as long as the total value is not more than Le 15,000,000

 Customer can use Oversea Money to do p2p, bill payment.

The Oversea Money automatically goes in to the customer’s Orange Money wallet and it can be used to do any Orange Money activity.

Customer will not be given a separate overseas money wallet. Money goes directly into the normal Orange Money wallet

There is a specific help line for this service. Customers can dial *747 and 111 for any information or complaint regarding this service.

However also, Customer can receive unlimited Oversea Money transactions as long as the total transaction value is not greater than Le 15,000,000.

Justice Brown Marke Cautions Court Officers on Delaying Bail

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By Feima Sesay

Justice Nicholas Browne -Mark of the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone has yesterday cautioned court officials to immediately grant bail to accused person, he had put on bail.

It is evidence of the fact that hosts of accused have been behind bars, despite Magistrates or Judges have given bail to them in Court.

But the process sometimes of fulfilling some of the bail conditions has been a problem for some of these accused.

On the other hand, some court officials,, according to all allegations has been deliberately denying the accused access to bail, despite the decision be made by the Magistrate or Judge.

In that light, while presiding yesterday at the May 2022 criminal Session, Justice Brown gave out a strong warning to these officials.

He said as long as he has given bail to an accused, the officers must ensure they perform their own side of the task, as long as the accused meet the laid down criteria he gave.

Justice Brown- Marke furthered that he spent a lot of time in the Bail Regulations and will not take it lightly with any individual who wants to stall such a process.

He said if any official flout his order, such official will take responsibility of his or her actions.


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