Contractor sentenced to 5 yrs imprisonment


By FeimaSesay

 Bob Tholley who was standing trial before Magistrate Ishmael KabinehKamara of Court No. 2 Ross Road Court, in Freetown, for theft, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment  after he  pleaded guilty to the offence charge. When reading the judgment, Magistrate Ishmael KabinehKamara said, his Predecessor Magistrate Macauley started the matter when the accused pleaded guilty of the offence, and later his defense lawyer Randy S. BanguraEsq. pleaded to the  court for the accused to change his plea to not guilty which the court grant him.

As the matter continue he advised again for the accused not to plead guilty, which the matter was left with the Magistrate to rule, but the substantive Magistrate took leave.

 Magistrate Ishmael KabinehKamaraend the matter by finding the accused guilty of the offence charged. Magistrate Kamara said, bad guys must be weed out of the community as it is bad when they go along the street snatching people’s bag and attacking them, adding that  his sentence will send a warning to those out there for them to stop.

 He therefore sentences the accused to 5 years imprisonment without any alternative. It could be recall that the accused Bob Tholley is charged with a count of larceny contrary to Section 2 of the Larceny Act 1916. According to the charge sheet, the accused on Tuesday 18th May 2021, at Liberia Bar, Low-cost Kissy, Freetown did steal from unregistered vehicle one  black bag containing Jewelries and money amounting to nineteen million one hundred and fifty thousand Leones, property of Abraham Kamara. Police Constable 17793 Fofanah G.A Prosecuted the matter.

Le 1.8B Worth of Scholarship for College & University Students

Sierra Minerals Holdings Limited (SMHL) has, through its Community Development Committee (CDC), awarded scholarships to 500 university and college students in various fields of studies at the CDC Complex in Lower Banta Chiefdom, Moyamba District.

The scholarships, which were up to the tune of one billion, eight hundred and seventy-one million Leones (Le 1,871,000,000), targeted indigenes of the five chiefdoms (Upper Banta, Lower Banta, KpandaKemo, BumpehGao, and Mano Dasse) where SMHL’s mining operations are primarily done, taking into consideration their corporate social responsibility.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman of Bo District Council, Mr. Joseph M. Gbindi, started off by thanking SMHL and CDC for setting a very high standard in the area of students’ support, which complements government’s vision on human capital development. He welcomed the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, noting that their presence presupposes government’s belief in a decentralized system of education in the country.

SMHL Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Abdul Bangura, assured members of their continued efforts as a mining company in developing the communities within which they operate. He cited their commitment to giving 1% of their proceeds to the communities in a bid to uphold their corporate social responsibility, noting that the award of scholarships is just one of their numerous outputs. According Mr.Bangura, in spite of the challenges posed by the Corona Virus, they have no plans to shut down their mining operations.

In his keynote address, the Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Prof. Alpha TejanWurie, expressed delight over the laudable efforts of SMHL and CDC in building students capacity, applauding them for supporting government to achieve its educational goals. According to Prof. Wurie, this government prioritizes development of communities from which mining operations are done. He congratulated the awardees for being the lucky ones, encouraging them to take their coursework seriously with an initial drive to in turn serve the communities from which the resources are being given to them as scholarships.  According to the Minister, every district has to grow as a vibrant entity in itself, and that is why government intends to have a higher learning institution in every district of the country, and a university per region.

5 Police Dismissed Over Hastings Murder

By Anthony Vandy

On Thursday 15th April 2021 between the hours of 10:00am to 14:00hours the Complaints, Discipline and Internal Investigations Department (CDIID) at Police Head Quarters received a complaint about personnel attached to the Hastings Police Station that five personal in OSD uniform entered into an alleged disputed piece of land at Hastings village and discharged two (2) bullet on one Alpha Kargbo a.k.a. Wandadawhich resulted to his death.

Speaking to this medium Superintendent Samuel Williams Head of CDIID said during the course of investigations five (5) police officers were arrested: AlimamyFodayYillah(PC 9882), Festus Jorboh Sherrington (PC 11873), Abdul Sesay(PC 11788), John Patrick Bangura (PC 15931) and Rebecca Bisodu Douglas(Inspector).

Mr.Conteh said that these police officers committed the offence of Discharging a firearm without just cause; lacking civility and conspiring together with AlimamyFodayYillah to discharge two bullets on Alpha Kargbo; improper practice; improperly using their positions as members of the force for their own private advantage, and knowing full well that the piece of land in question was under dispute.

He added that they are also to answer for failing to assist any person injured and taking the injured to the hospital andfor commuting any act of plunder or wanton destruction of property.

Failing to comply with any standing order issued by the Inspector General of Police-they failed to comply with the force standing order and the police discipline regulations 2001 and any Order Act,Conduct,Disorder or Neglect to the prejudice of good order and discipline-The act they exhibited in the course of their duty may likely damage the image of the force.

In concluding the matter Superintendent Samuel Williams said the file was sent to the DPP for legal advice. After the disciplinary hearing of the five personnel they were found guilty for the various offenses and were dismissed from the SLP.

Men’s Up Initiative Stages 100 Men Match Against RAPE and SGBV

By Anthony Vandy

 The men’s up initiative stage a Hundred Men Match Against SGBV. This organization has been in existence for 2yrs and its an independent movement not working with or getting any support from NGO Or CBO’S and it is a self-funded  program.

Speaking to this medium the Executive Director for men’s up initiative Michael Kpakaa young and passionate Sierra Leonean with the zest of transforming his country (Sierra Leone) for the better has said as a student and gender Activist he has devoted his time and efforts in perfecting his advocacy and volunteering skills on a daily basis through the Men’s Up Initiative, a male ally ship committed to tackle the culture of Rape in Sierra Leone.

 He is currently serving as the pioneer and  lead organizer of the  Hundred Man March Against Rape in Sierra Leone, an event that serves as a nation-wide campaign against sexual and gender based violence specifically aiming at changing the attitude, behavior and character of men and also cries out on the most pressing resources, methods and immediate provisions needed as an alternative methods in addressing SGBV.

Michael Kpaka continued by saying that, the one hundred man March is a wake up call to all men to stop rape and sexual violence against women  and girls in Sierra Leone and the people in the provinces should know that this event will also take place in Kailahun and Kambia.

Sober man nor dae rape

Amara Jones Is the Deputy Director for men’s up initiative whilst giving his welcome  adress and background of the men’s up initiative said,

The mission of men’s  up initiative  is to tackle the culture of rape and all forms of injustice and violence against women and girls to see how far justice can be given to whom deserve it whilst their vision is to educate men old and young about the impact of gender based violence while also implementing a strategy to eradicate rape and all forms of injustice against women and girls.

Amara Jones added that as the Deputy  director for Men’s Up Initiative the campaign message for this year is that:

The voice of Men matters in the discussion of  and SGBV hence we seek for Boys and Men inclusion.

The dress code of a girl is not an invitation to rape or any form of harassment.

Rape has a face of a man, and we don’t like it so we Men must change it.

They stand against out of court settlement hence decent men should serve as community watchdogs to expose perpetrators.

They  beg the appropriate authorities to treat rape cases as state crimes.

He however Noted that they are calling on able organizations to help support them  in their next line of actions.

Timothy Sam is the Program Support Manager for Plan International while Delivering his keynote address said

In giving his Key Note Speech  at the Men’s Up initiative 100 Man match against rape under the Sierra Leone Cotton Tree He thanks to the Men’s Up Initiative congratulate to all  strong men and young men who have decided to step up with the Men’s Up Initiative. 

He said  sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is a serious human rights issue grounded in entrenched hierarchical and unequal structural power relations, which are deeply rooted in sociocultural beliefs and culture-related gender norms, practices and attitudes.

Bringing an end to this barbaric, deeply rooted, human right abuse inflicted on women and girls for centuries demands the involvement of everyone in our society and at all levels including men and boys.

Many studies now show that engaging with men and boys has emerged as a strategy adopted by NGOs organizations, governments, women organizations and international agencies for ending SGBV and achieving gender equality, including in emergencies and post-emergency settings.

He added that Involving men is recognising men not merely as perpetrators of violence but as allies of women and girls in the prevention of violence. Also involving men reshapes the discussion and power relations and social norms and systems that sustain gender inequality and violence.

Male involvement in SGBV presents the opportunity to transform and appeal to the  conscience of men. This includes mobilizing men in their different positions as both rights holders and duty bearers.

In 2018, in three chiefdoms in Kailahun, I engaged men and boys. It was a very difficult engagement because there was a clear evidence that these men and boys have 0.5 awareness of the issues of SGBV. In our dialogue, we established that this is a warfare and its the victim versus the victor. Here, who are the victims? Who are the Victors?

In Sierra Leone, in 2018, the Sierra Leone Police Annual General Crime Statistics Report recorded a total of 12,052 cases of offences against women and children at the regional level in six Police Regions in the country. Freetown-East recorded the highest at 6,048; the East  recorded 1,910; North-East 1,746 and North-West at 672.

Rainbo Initiative recorded 3,897 cases of SGBV nationwide in 2019. 

Given these statistics,  he said “we have seen the emergence of other initiatives and campaigns like; First Ladies’ Hands Off Our Girl, the Purposeful Production Kara Gura connection, Plan International Girls’ Get Equal, initiatives from UN women, UNFPA,” etc.

The question is  have these initiatives stopped rape or SGBV? No!

We will be missing a huge opportunity if men and boys are not brought to the table. Men should be seen as partners. Men should be able to see as allies. We should not trigger a war of victim and victors. It will require continuous engagement. 

He advised  all men present , to reflect; what happens when an Okada man carry a lady at night? What happens when a Keke driver carries a 15yr old girl at night or a lonely road? What happen in those tinted car glasses at night and in those night clubs. What happens when ladies attend interviews in the organizations? Reflect!


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