AI Professional College Launches Debating Society on Campus


SaiduBangura, Student Union President participants, and others

By: Amara Kargbo

The AI Professional College has officially launched the Debating Society on campus with its crux objective of encouraging students to unleash their potentials through public speaking, at their Campus, Kingtom, Freetown on the 27th August 2021.

SaiduTimbo, Administration Officer of AI Professional College stated that establishing a debating society platform was one of completing academic pursuance that teaches the level of exposure that students desire, creating the avenue of impacting the lives of others and he encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunity that was being created within the campus.

The AI Professional College equally conducted its first debate on campus which at the launch of the Debating Society.

SaiduTimbo explained to attendants that introducing a debating society on campus was one of every institution is looking forward to, previously, their college activities were done indoors, however, launching the debating society was the first time to invite other students from other institutions, hence, educational activities are not a close door activity, the college administration demented it fit for their students to interact, relate with others institutions.

Medoria P. Mansaray, a first-year student of the AI Profession College said it was an ideal initiative for having a debating society on campus, adding that,  many students did not have the oratory skills is required as humans, neither they may shy away, but withseries of debates within campus or conservations among students will be able to inculcate their habit of public speaking.

Ishatu Sow, a student from the Institute of Public Management and Administration (IPAM) who also doubles as a renowned debater at IPAM, said she appreciates what the college has initiated especially of encouraging students to public speaking which in many ways will enhance them to build and identify their potentials.

She annotating that public speaking is either you being the leader that one wants to be, and students should speak without fear. Being a beginner or a debater was not something easy sometimes viewers will perceive as nobody, but in the end, debate helps in building individual productivity like presentations and research skills.

SaiduBangura, Student Union President at AI Professional College said it was a promise he made while he was campaign for Student Union President in the college that he would make sure there is a debating club on campus that enhance build the debating skills for students and he was able to achieve that painstaking promise he made to his colleagues’ student and college administration.

He called on students to grabsuch chance and challenging students that he wants to AI Professional College Students to representing the College in next year Sierra Leone Debating Council Inter-University Debate Championship.

S/Leone Gets New Embassay in Morocco

 Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Professor David J. Francis his team were warmly received by His Excellency, AtumanniDainkeh, Sierra Leone’s  ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco a couple of days ago to innugurate the country’s new embassy in the Kingdom .

The event happended  on the 27th August 2021; this is in line with remodelling and projecting Sierra Leone’s diplomatic aspirations, the newly created Embassy of Sierra Leone in Morocco has succeeded in establishing a strong foothold in one of the key countries in the Mediterranean region that is also a crucial player in the Arab world, and increasingly in world affairs.

HE ambassador AtumanniDainkeh, Sierra Leone’s  very first ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco is busy planting and expanding viable diplomatic footprints in vital areas of our overall national goals. His engagement with the Moroccans over this short period has produced several positive results.

An agreement has been secured for a considerable increase in scholarships for Sierra Leonean students to pursue higher education in various disciplines in the Kingdom of Morocco, from a token 12 to an encouraging 75 spaces.

Ambassador Dainkeh has also obtained a substantial increase in Hajj scholarships from 50 to 250 people. Also, a capacity building study package has been agreed. This would ensure the training of 32 imams with each district providing at least two people for the training program. The Kingdom has also pledged support to the Republic of Sierra Leone in its bid for a non-permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council 2023-2024.  Additionally, all Sierra Leoneans who have been living in the Kingdom of Morocco without proper documentation will be amnestied and a visa-on-arrival program for holders of Sierra Leone Passport travelling to the Kingdom has been accepted in principle and will form part of the Joint Cooperation Agreement.

The Moroccan Foreign Minister will commence discussions with his relevant colleague Ministers to implement the amesty in a phased manner starting with those who are married to a Moroccan, followed by those with jobs and then the rest.

Finally, the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco has agreed in the spirit of reciprocity, to commence action that would lead to the opening of the Moroccan Embassy in Sierra Leone in February 2022.

In a strategic meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, including other important members of Government, Professor David J. Francis, signed a Roadmap of Cooperation covering the areas of Education, Agriculture, Trade and Investment, Health, Tourism, Youths, Sports and Renewable Energy. Accordingly, several other strategic meetings were also held with the Minister of Harbours and Islamic Affairs, the Director General of the Moroccan Intelligence Agency, Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy, and the Director General of Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation.

In his keynote speech during the official opening ceremony of the Sierra Leone Embassy in Rabat, Professor Francis acknowledged the strategic location of the Kingdom of Morocco and maintained that President Bio considers the Kingdom as a reliable partner and friend in Sierra Leone’s development aspirations. “The Government of President Bio has undertaken to effectively rebrand Sierra Leone in this rapidly changing international environment, and we consider the Kingdom of Morocco to be a reliable partner in this endeavour”, Minister Francis underlined.

Following the inauguration, the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Rabat assembled a host of prominent Moroccan investors in a meeting with the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Sierra Leone and his delegation at the Embassy on Saturday 28th August 2021. During this meeting several investment and trade opportunities were deliberated on. The Honourable Minister presented Sierra Leone to the Moroccan Investors as an ideal business environment. Responding to the Minister’s presentation, the head of the Investment Board in Morocco thanked the Honourable Minister and his delegation for choosing to further deepen the existing cordial relationship with the Kingdom of Morocco and assured them of their fullest cooperation and commitment which will be demonstrated by a high-level investment visit to the Republic of Sierra Leone in December 2021. The visit he affirmed, will be focussed on creating visibility for possible investment areas and to familiarise themselves with major actors in the trade and investment sector.


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