Vista Bank Saves SLCS Officer


Vista Bank, formerly referred to as Fi Bank has stepped in to pay the operation fee (Le 10, 000, 000) of an injured officer (PO Brima Dumbuya) of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service (SLCS).

According to the bank, PO Dumbuya wrote them asking for a loan within the range of the stated amount. They thought Dumbuya would spend a longer time repaying the loan, so they decided to instead be philanthropic by granting him the cheque for nothing in return.

In his response to statements from the bank,the Ag. Deputy Director General of the SLCS, Mr. Ahmed Turay said that Vista Bank had done what everyone least expected and thanked them for the gesture.

“We hope that this will yield the kind of outcome that we are praying for, Dumbuya is a very hard working officer, and his hard work has reached the heavens; it is no wonder that help has come for him in this heavenly manner.”


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