Noncompliance with ECR system…NRA Exposes Business institutions.


The National Revenue Authority (NRA) has exposed several business institutions that are reluctant in complying  with the electronic cash Register system (ECR) though the final deadline  was on the 2nd January, 2023.

According to the NRA press release, which stated that a notice is hereby given to the under listed taxpayers who failed to integrate or complete the integration processes with the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) System on the final deadline which was the 2nd January 2023.

The press release also continued that the said date was a date jointly agreed by the Authority and the affected taxpayers in a meeting held on 16th December 2022 at No.19 Wellington Street, Freetown.

According to the press release the refusal of some of these business institutions to integrate with the ECR system has been construed by the Commissioner-General as impeding tax administration contrary to provisions in the Goods and Services Tax Act 2009 as amended in the Finance Act 2022.

The release furthered that the Electronic Cash Register Regulations 2021 for which a maximum penalty of Le250,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand New Leones) has been imposed by the Commissioner-General together with an administrative assessment of potential revenue loss during the period of non-compliance with the provisions of the law.

Therefore, the payment of the above penalty of Le 250,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand New Leones) should be made within Seventy-Two hours from the date of the notice in order to avoid enforcement actions as prescribed by law.

Below are some of the institutions involved:

Print Point (SL) Ltd, Rainbow Paints and Chemicals, Sea Coach Express, Sierra Leone Cement Corporation, Ericson A-B Sierra Leone, Commodities Trading Company Ltd, Electricity Distribution & Supply Authority (EDSA), Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd, Deli Frost and Huawei Technologies (SL) Ltd.


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