Judiciary Disclaims Rogue Video


A press release issued by the Judiciary of Sierra Leone states that it has received with great disappointment and consternation a social media video supported by an audio commentary making rounds on social media.

It stated further that the faceless commentator suggests that it was a Judges watching pornography in the Court Room during Court session.

The release added that the circulation of the video by the faceless person doesn’t only contravene various Provisions in the Cyber Security and Crime Act of 2021, but is a calculated attempt to bully a Judge contrary to Section 44 (1) (a)(b) of the Cyber Security and Crime Act of 2021, which are criminal offences under the laws of Sierra Leone and even internationally.

The release lamented that those miscreants are bent on executing a campaign of calumny aimed at destroying the reputation of the Judiciary and the revered Benchers that are working so hard to give their service to national development.

According to the press release, the video itself is from Ogun State, South Western part of Nigeria and the person with the black robe is not a Judge but a Lawyer occupying the Bar seat reserved for Lawyers.

The release noted that, “not only do we strongly condemn in the strongest terms this ill-motivated act aimed at dwindling the sanctity of the Court and the entire Judiciary as an independent arm of government, we shall lodge an official report with the Sierra Leone Police, in order to investigate and bring perpetrators who continue to share such videos online, to face the full penalty of the law.”

However, the release warned members of the general public to desist from sharing this audio and similar audios and videos aimed at bringing the Judiciary and the administration of justice into disrepute and contempt, as such conduct constitutes criminal offences under the Cyber Security and Crimes Act 2021, adding “we would take stringent and appropriate action against anyone found to be in contravention of the aforementioned statutes which equally amounts to Contempt of Court.”


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