For supporting APC… SLPP Thugs Attack Aspiring Councilor in Kenema


Alice Yatta Moisia, an ardent supporter of the APC and also aspirant for the position of councilor was on Tuesday night 11th April, 2023 was attacked, manhandled and brutalized by a group of alleged SLPP supporters at 1 Brima Kargbo Street in Kenema Town, Sembeck Section, Kenema District, Eastern Sierra Leone.

According to the victim, a group of alleged SLPP thugs invaded her house at night forcing their way into the house intimating that the desperate thugs striped her naked and also manhandled her children.

Madam Moisia also stressed that the alleged disgruntled SLPP supporters, who were in large numbers, shouted that they will kill her and her children for supporting the All Peoples Congress (APC) party instead of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party knowing fully-well that she is a Mende by tribe.

According to the hoodlums, Madam Moisia should not support the APC party because APC is a Temne and Limba party.

However, Madam Moisia and family managed to escape to the Kenema Police Station where she reported the matter and later issued a police medical report for medical examination lamenting that on their way to the hospital another group of alleged SLPP supporters started throwing stones at them and ran away into the bush as they couldn’t get any help from the police.

She further narrated that while they were in the bush one of her children informed a renowned journalist in Freetown, Mr. Arthur Caulker, who came to their rescue  with his car and drove them to Freetown.

According to the victim, even in Freetown, they are been harassed and threatened by unknown SLPP operatives.


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