NSA Director Calls on Corporate Houses to Support Sporting Disciplines


By Wisdom Kamara 

Director of the National Sports Authority, Alie Sesay, has called on corporate houses to support sporting disciplines in the country, including sporting associations that must also work hard in cooperating with these corporate so that sport will develop in the country.

He said the ultimate aim of the NSA is to increase participation for sporting disciplines in the country, but for that to be achieved we need money. It’s why he is at the NSA.

I will use my international contact to don ally partner around the world to help sporting discipline in Sierra Leone.

“We will look for sponsorship which will help sporting disciplines and the NSA to organize courses for sporting associations at the district level. Corporate houses certainly have a bigger part to play for the sport to develop in the country,” he said.

He said his plan is for sporting disciplines to rally wearing their respective jerseys to get support and sponsorships; set up workshops for marketing officers and public relation officers so they will learn how to approach business houses and parastatals for sponsorship.

  “If the NSA is to succeed indeed, sporting disciplines must support the NSA so that sport will have a different face in the country,” he concluded.


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