Mustapha Kinkendeh: Our Next MP-Say Indigenes of Koinadugu


By  Mustapha Dumbuya

The Indigenes of Koinadugu District have described Mustapha Kinkedeh Kargbo as their next Member of Parliament for constituency 004.

Mr. Kinkedeh Kargbo has been a leading aspirant for constituency 004 in Koinadugu District APC Member of Parliament symbol.

He has continued to manifest his development interventions to the district which makes him to be a difficult aspirant to defeat in the race for the award of APC MP Symbol in constituency 004 Koinadugu District.  

Mustapha Kinkedeh Kargbo is a political philosopher which majority think who has the tenacity and confidence to represent Koinadudu District as a Member of Parliament in the forthcoming 2023 polls.

It is imperative that to become a top politician, notably in Koinadugu district, is not a day’s job or splashing cash to people but, it requires selfless service and dedication to the people.

The aspirant’s popularity was not bought but through his engagements with the people, but he has been in close relations with the All Peoples Congress party for over a decade now.

In a telephone interview with Mr. Kargbo one of the chiefdom authorities of the said district reaffirmed that Mr. Kinkedeh is a true son of the soil who had been helping his people at all the time when the need arise.

He pointed that the philanthropist has also been implementing several developmental projects for the People of Warawara Yagala Chiefdom in Koinadugu District.

Mr Kargbo continued that Mr. Kinkedeh had always supporting the less privileged especially children whose parent cannot afford to put them in School and he has been awarding scholarships to those children from primary school on to university level.

“He has sponsored an extension of a road project in one of the villages, donate school uniforms and learning materials to over 450 kids yearly in one of the schools in Kayokoh Village”, he explained. He concluded by saying that such interventions have made him to grab that APC MP symbol for the 2023 fourth-coming election for his constituency.


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