Minister of Western Region Pays courtesy visit to Regional Minister of Greater Accra


The Minister of Western Region, Madam Nabeela Tunis, has on Thursday 14th October, paid a courtesy visit to the Regional Minister of Greater Accra  Hon. Henry Quatey.

The visit, according to Madam Tunis, is to bring herself into contact with the experience of her Ghanaian counterpart and aquatint herself with how to handle the novel ministry.

Welcoming the minister, Hon. Henry Quatey encouraged Madam Tunis to be determined, focused and collaborate with the mayor in her region to ensure proper development coordination, making reference to the successes he has recorded as a result of his relationship with  mayors in his region. He noted that he is always in readiness to collaborate with the Minister Tunis to ensure stronger ties between both institutions.

Speaking just after the meeting, Madam Tunis noted that the meeting was a success, especially when both agreed creating a platform to share experience and knowledge on technical issues surrounding their work. She noted that she is at edge because she will learn from the mistakes and take into account new ideas. She also pointed out that the system is different to Ghana’s, “One thing that is good in our own situation is that we have been given the liberty to build the ministry from scratch, so some of the challenges that they have been faced with will be dealt with from the get go”, she noted.

Madam Tunis also pointed out that she and her team have started putting structures in place, including the setting up of a laision office in existing ministries, department and agencies who will be coordinating with them.

She also said disclosed that more focus will be placed on collaboration, monitoring and evaluation of government programs rather than implementation. She furthered that they will be looking forward to developing a regional development plan that will be in line with the national development plan.

Madam Nabeela Tunis was a key player in the development of the National Development when she was Minister of Planning and Economic development. She moved on to serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation after her appointment by President Bio where she left an indelible foot print. Her handwork and dedication led to her appointment as minister of Western Region, a new ministry she is setting up from scratch.

SLAJ Supports EU Beach Clean-up 2021

Description: IMG-20211014-WA0108

SLAJ members at the EU Clean-up 2020 event

The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) will join the European Union in Sierra Leone (and partners) in the annual EU Beach Clean-up event on Saturday 16 October 2021 at 8:00am -11:00am at the Aberdeen Lumley Beach, Freetown.

This is part of SLAJ’s contribution toward collective efforts to protect our environment and raise awareness for the protection of the ocean from plastic litter as the main drivers of the depletion of marine biodiversity and climate change issues.

SLAJ President, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, says the media has a moral obligation to support worthy courses, and the environment is key.

“The media plays a crucial role in raising awareness about climate change issues, mobilising action, tracking policy implementation and leading advocacy efforts towards the responsible treatment of the environment,” says Nasralla.

SLAJ is also investing in the planting of trees through the FCC’s tree planting project #FreeTownTheTreeTown campaign. 

Meanwhile, SLAJ is calling its members to volunteer by joining the National Executive at the Lumley beach on Saturday. Please put on your SLAJ Golden Jubilee T-shirt, cap, or the SLAJ visibility jacket. Let’s meet opposite Atlantic Lumley Hotel.

And don’t forget your FACE MASK!

UNIMAK Student Jailed For The Alleged Murder Of Her Colleague.

 By Feima Sesay

Elizabeth Mande Judith Kanu  second year Mass Com student of the University of Makeni was on Friday sent to remand for the alleged murder her colleague Sonia Mary Thomas. The accused made her second appearance before magistrate Sahr Kekura of Pademba Road court No 1 on One count of murder contrary to law. According to the particulars of offence, it was alleged that the accused Elizabeth Mande Judith Kanu on Monday 6 September 2021, at   UNIMAK Fatima Campus Hostel Makeni in the Bombali District Northern province murder Sonia Mary Thomas.                The prosecution witness No 1 Ramash Kamara led in evidence by  ASP Aminatu Daboh said she is  a second year student of the  University of Makeni.  She recognized the accused as a friend and colleague and the deceased Sonia Mary Thomas. The witness further recalled 6 September 2021, adding that on that day he was at the University Fatima  hostel. She said whiles at the hostel together with the accused and  few of other colleagues and the deceased at room 15 they requested for good from the deceased. She said the deceased then gave  them quaker oath and cornflour which they ate and that upon eating the food  she left with her friend Kainda leaving  the deceased together with the accused. ” But later whiles at the corridor, I heard the accused and the deceased arguing, my friend  Kainda Sesay  and I rush to them and ask what was the problem but they did not respond,  but later the deceased told us that she had told the accused to stop shouting at her place, in my presence the deceased  had want to hit the accused but we stopped her and ask her to forget about what had happen”, the witness explained.  In  further evidence said the accused was still shouting at the deceased that provoked her to hit the accused, but said she could not because she( deceased)  was breathing faster and she fainted, adding that they laid her on the bed and started faning her. The witness explained further that whiles she was attending to the deceased, her colleague went to called the Matron who came to the scene immediately and took  the deceased to the hospital together with Father Joe  Turay.  She said whiles they were about to go to the hospital, they were informed by father Joe Turay that the deceased had past away.  ” I was invited to the Makeni  police station for  questioning as to what  happen at the scene and later detained and  transfer to CID HQ Freetown where I was released and subsequently made statement. During cross examination by lawyer J.M Jengo on behalf of the accused,  the witness said she is a second year student. She also said that she know a young man called Mira, adding that deceased rushed at the accused twice in order to hit her  and that it was during the second attempt she fainted.  The witness  also confirmed that it was father Joe and other that first had physical contact with the deceased after she fainted. The witness further  told the court during cross examination that she could not tell what transpired at the hospital because she was not there.  The accused was remanded in prison and the matter was adjourned to 20 October 2021 for further hearing. ASP Aminatu Daboh was prosecuting the matter on behalf of the Inspector General of Police whiles lawyer J.M Jengo defended the accused in court.


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