Medical Student Jailed For 10yRS


Foday Jalloh

A 5th year medical student at the college of medicine, Michel Amah Mohamed Kamara has been sentenced to ten year in jail.

According to the judge, Justice Komba Kamanda before handling the sentence noted that the accused has a case to answer, upon which there is evidence that lead him to convict the accused. This incident of rape occurred on the 12th march 2016 at 30c Kaningo drive, Lumley.

Justice Komba Kamanda highlighted that doing sex without the consent of the opposite sex is an offence, which contravenes the sexual person’s act of 2012. Evidence before the court shows that the accused, Kamara forced the victim to have sexual intercourse. In another development the judge Komba Kamanda sentenced Ibrahim Kargbo who was charged to court on four counts, sexually penetrating four girls to with 10yrs. According to the court, the accused called the four kids to purchase sweet for him, upon their return he closed the door and forcefully penetrates his penis on them one after the other. Court evidence shows that the accused threaten the kids not to explain to their parents, if they do, he will beat them. Further statement in court shows that the accused person normally sends these kids to buy cookery. This incident of sexual penetration occurred in the eastern part of Freetown, as the matter was investigated by pc 9859 Sarah S kombi attached to the kissy police division.


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