Land Grabber Exposed


Land Grabber Exposed

A notorious land grabber who goes by the name Safea Lesley Moiwa is very popular among police circles and was recently dragged to the Ross Road Police station for investigations that borders on his illegal land dealings.

Mr Moiwa is believed to be colluding with some officials in the Lands Ministry to create fake documents for the illegal lands he has grabbed in Waterloo, Bathurst and York communities respectively.

He works with a team of surveyors and some top officials in the Ministry of Lands by laying claims to Lands he convincingly knows does not belong to him.

Mr Moiwa knows that by working with a cabal at the Ministry of Lands, he creates the impression of being a contracted staff of the Ministry who is specialized in dealing with Land issues.

His association with the some Ministry of Lands officials is a deliberate strategy and a cynical veneer to legitimating his dubious lands dealings for his selfish benefit.

When contacted by this medium to respond to issues surrounding his illegal land dealings, Mr Moiwa resorted to using intimidation tactics and hurled unprintable invectives and went as far as threatening to use his influence to shut down the publication of Public Review Newspaper.

Mr. Moiwa Also hired the services of One Inspector Lansana and others who are members of the Cyber Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department to threaten the Managing Director of Public Review Mr Joseph Turay with Arrest and Detention, if he continues monitoring the activities of the land grabber. 

Mr. Moiwa is also a notorious impostor and impersonator who claim to be what he is not.

He is known to be perambulating the length and breadth of Sierra Leone claiming that he is the Member of Parliament representing Constituency 111.

He has gone as far as giving himself the title of “Honourable”.

The self-anointed honourable is borderless in claiming false achievements. With his shameless posturing, he also claims to be a graduate from Fourah Bay College.

However, he has never substantiated this claim because nobody has ever seen his diploma or degree certificate.

We are thus calling on Mr. Safea Lesley Moiwa to desist forthwith from these criminal acts or else the Public Review newspaper would continue to expose his illegal activities.


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