Dr Samura Kamara’s Appearance Helps me to Understand the Power of Purpose


Attending the 40th Day Quranic recitation ceremony held for the late Comrade Momoh konteh, Saio Marrah and Alakuma, Dr Samura Kamara made us know that we can search all over the world for our life purpose, but it is only when we choose to look within the depth of ourselves that we will actually discover it. 

Dr Samura Kamara stepped out of his vehicle with a smile that changes the atmosphere from mourning to that of HOPE. Remaining true to our destiny is like discovering that we are born with a gift that holds the key to the treasure chest containing our future and one of the most important things that distinguish Dr Samura Kamara from others is Desire. The desire to save his people from a draconian kakistocratic government making life unbearable for the ordinary Sierra Leonean.

If you hear a voice within you saying you cannot paint; then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. For those who think he was not a politician, I can bet with my life that Dr Samura Kamara is the only Technocratic Politician  Sierra Leone can boast of at this moment.

Whether you call it intuition or subconscious or God, Dr Samura Kamara is blessed with a built-in navigational guidance system with a shining light along his path. Right at this challenging and trying times, Dr Samura keeps reminding the APC that ” Ahead there must be something. There must be something. There is something”.  

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. It is a good thing to discover the true you, you never knew. Some are kingmakers and some are kings. No wonder the  Patriotic political technocrat chooses MY SIERRA LEONE… MY RESPONSIBILITY

Anyway, I am just a freelance analyst who writes from what flows through the brain. If you don’t understand the write up please watch the pictures closely and relate.


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